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a non-au asian media rpg

synthetic★star :non-au asian media roleplay
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Welcome to syntheticstar, a non-alternate universe asian media roleplaying community.

who may join:
- Any media personality, famous or not in Asia. This includes but is not limited to: musicians, actors, models, managers, label bosses, news reporters, staff members, parents, girl/boyfriends, ect.
- Original Characters [OCs] are of course welcome.
- Deceased people may not be claimed.

- Up to four [4] claims are allowed. However, those who have proven their ability to keep up actively with four may be allowed to take up more.
- Allow a one [1] month period between a first claim and a second. (No waiting necessary between a second and a third, ect.)
- Mun should be very familiar and knowledgeable of their muse.
- Incoming muses are assumed to come with clean slates unless otherwise stated. Please address any and all slate issues on a claim post or on AIM as soon as possible.
- Muses must have a livejournal of their very own, as well as an active AIM screename as most of the roleplaying is done with this messenger.
- Every muse must post within the community [synthetic__star] at least once per calendar month. Cut lists will be made on the 1st or 2nd of each month.
- Muses cut for inactivity may be reclaimed after a month.
- Dropped muses are allowed a 24 hours 'remorse' period before they are considered fully dropped and thus claimable by someone else.
- Always be respectful of your fellow muses, muns, and moderators.

how to join:
- Take a look at the claims list [below] to see if the person you want to play is available.
- If so, join synthetic__star with your muse's journal and make a post there that includes the following information:

- The word 'claim' in the subject
- your [mun's] name, livejournal and AIM
- your muse's name and group/band/occupation
- your muse's livejournal and AIM

- Approval is usually within 24-48 hours.
- Anonymous claims are allowed, for so long as your mun information (LJ+AIM) is e-mailed to the mod (see contact information below).
- Muses can be placed on hold for a maximum period of 3 days.

- synth_star_ooc is (obviously) our OOC community for questions, availability, hiatus notices, character reserving and the like. Please join or you might miss on some things.

Enjoy yourselves!

tears_of_soleil kamikazetheory9 / (utopia_is_nonsense [at] yahoo [dot] com)

claim list:

japanese music

Shou: --available--
Hiroto: --available--
Tora: sickleave (alice9 tora)
Saga: --available--
NAO: --available--


Kazuno: --available--
Mitsujo: --available--
Touya: --available--
Ruka: --available--
Takane: --available--

★danger gang
Waka: --available--
Hiko: --available--
Thera: --available--
Rei: --available--

★dir en grey
Kyo: --available--
Kaoru: --available--
Die: mypledgetoyou (mypledgetoyou)
Toshiya: --available--
Shinya: i_am_breaking (Terachi Shin)

★gackt job
GACKT: nymphaea_caerul (Etude Sostenuto)
You: stringvolte (Violettaria)
Ju-ken: badass_bassist (Badass Juken)

Ruki: unreachingvoice (ScreamofInsomnia)
Aoi: impulse_maximum (Crucify Sorrow)
Uruha: --available--
Reita: royal_rock (hanapita)
Kai: --available--

Hyde: --available--
Ken: --available--
Tetsu: --available--
Yukihiro: --available--

Masa: marmarsamu (morethenyoudo)
Tak: --available--
Junn: --available--
AKITO: --available--

Gara: --available--
Yuu: --available--
Kenichi: --available--
Tetsu: --available--
Nero: --available--

Yomi: --available--
Sakito: --available--
Hitsugi: --available--
Ni~ya: --available--
Ruka: --available--

★solo artists
Aya Kamiki: --available--
Miyavi: --available--
Yoshiki: --available--

korean music

★dong bang shin gi
Hero (YoongWong JaeJoong): --available--
Max (ChoiKang ChangMin): minxtothemax (minxtoxthexmax)
Micky (Park Yoochun): --available--
U-know (Jung Yunho): burnt__rice (band AppA) --hiatus--
Xiah (Kim Junsu ): sunshinexsmile (xfadinginnocence)

★super junior
Ee Teuk (Park Jung Su): angelteukkie (everyday icarus)
Hee Chul (Kim Hee Chul): mehronnng (Heenim BABY)
Han Kyung (Han Geng): --available--
Ye Sung (Kim Jong Oon): cloudprince (cloudprince3424)
Kang In (Kim Young Oon): --available--
Shin Dong (Shin Dong Hee): --available--
Sung Min (Lee Sung Min): --available--
Eun Hyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae): --available--
Dong Hae (Lee Dong Hae): donghaebeach (donghaebeach)
Shi Won (Choi Shi Won): --available--
Ryeo Wook (Kim Ryeo Wook): standing_pants (cuckoo bees)
Ki Bum (Kim Ki Bum): kimkibummie (kimkibum)
Kyu Hyun (Jo Kyu Hyun): --available--

Se7en (Choi DongWook): --available--

chinese music

thai music

★golf mike
Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul): pichaya (Golf is teh WIN)
Mike (Pirat Nitipaisalkul): nitipaisalkul (Mike Loves Weed)

other celebrities (actors/actresses, models, ect.)

Ryoko Yonekura (actress/model): okusama_wa_majo (balletnezunoban)

family, friends, fans, ect.


reserved list


(22 muses)
Last updated: September 1, 2007